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Posted by on Feb 7, 2013 in Featured, Our Website | 0 comments

Welcome to our NEW blog!

Welcome to our NEW blog!

Welcome to the new blog for Avila Beach, California. We have been blogging for the last few years over on our website ( but we have been on hiatus after an incident in December where our database got corrupted. Since we really wanted to post a lot more this year, we decided to start from scratch and give the blog a fresh start. We added plenty of new features and incorporated the most popular ideas that people requested. We also made the new blog responsive so that it’s optimized for all screen sizes and mobile & tablet devices. So no matter where you are in the world, you can always stay connected to Avila Beach, California.

Here are some of the new posts & ideas you can look forward to seeing in 2013. If you have a good idea, want to see something specific, or would like to contribute something to our blog, please email Jay Olson at

  • The People of Avila Beach – Every month (or two) we will be highlighting a different Avila local. There are so many wonderful people behind the scenes that make all the stuff in Avila Beach happen and we really want to share that with you.
  • What’s going on around Avila Beach – We do our best trying to keep you informed on all the great events and special activities that take place here in Avila Beach, but some of the best events come & go and even Central Coast locals miss them. So this year we will not only be making posts on special events but on everything that is going on during a big weekend or summer week.
  • Guest blog posts – We will be featuring some guest blogs from Avila businesses, business owners, Avila organizations, and of course locals! If you have something about Avila that you want to share with everyone, please submit it to or send a message us with your ideas for a post.
  • More Midweek Photo Breaks – Last year we started posting a new photo (taken by Lance Kinney) every Wednesday along with and inspiring quote to help you reset and break up the LONG work week. We have had so much great feedback and love for this, that you can expect more each Wednesday this year.
  • News & Events – More of the Avila Beach News & Events that we usually post about plus some posts that are written from a locals perspective.
  • More Photos, Videos, and Art – We will be posting more photos and videos of stuff all around Avila Beach, Port San Luis Harbor, and the whole Avila Valley. There is also so many great artists that either live here or use Avila Beach for inspiration, so this year we are going to share more of this art and the unique artists that create it.

and so much more! We want to see the blog come alive this year with not just posts, but connections, Avila Beach groups (more on this later), and a sharing of the love for Avila Beach. So please make sure to bookmark our new blog at its new website address come back to join in on all the fun!

This blog is modified and maintained by Jay Olson and Sleepless Interactive. You can learn more about us here and contact us at

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