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Posted by on Mar 12, 2012 in Our Website | 0 comments

Our Facebook page got an upgrade to the new timeline

Our Facebook page got an upgrade to the new timeline

On February 29th, Facebook announced that business pages will be upgraded to the new timeline format by the end of March. We looked over the new features and decided to upgrade immediately to take advantage of some of  these features. However we understand this is new to a lot of people and we would like to make sure that everyone understands our new page. We took a snapshot of our page and made a guide for you. Please note that it’s going to look slightly different for you but the basic layout will be the same.


1. Cover Photo – This is the second most important reason we switched over to Timeline. We have thousands of great Avila Beach pictures that we want to share with you and we feel this is the perfect way. We will be changing this photo at least once a day but sometimes twice or three times a day to reflect the current happenings in Avila Beach! Make sure to check back often to see many different pictures of everything that Avila Beach has to offer. If you would like a chance to see your own Avila Beach photo on our Facebook page, please email it to us or post it on our wall. Make sure that you own the rights to the picture and let us know that we are allowed to use it for our cover photo.

2. Our Logo – Since we plan to change our cover photo so much, we will rarely be changing our logo so you are never confused if you are on the correct Avila Beach page. Please note that we might change the color from time to time to reflect a special event or holiday.

3. About Us – Here you will find a quick link to our website and a link to all about Avila Beach and who we are.

4. Post & Share – Feel free to post your Avila Beach pictures or video, share an Avila story or event, or ask a question.

5. Pinned Post – This post is designated by the orange flag in the upper right and is a important post that we want everyone to see when they visits our page. It will change often to highlight something special in Avila Beach.

6. Recent Post – This is our most recent post we have made.

7. Jump to – You can use these dates to not only jump to thousands of our posts but to go beyond and see key moments in Avila’s history.

8. Message us – This is the number one reason we switched over to timeline. Feel free to message us with any questions or comments you have or even some picture or video you would like to share.

9. Avila’s Apps – These used to be our custom page tabs that have been redesigned for the new apps. You will find the three most popular apps along with all the photos. Don’t forget to click the arrow to show 8 more apps. Here are some of our apps and descriptions.

  • Photos – See all the photos we have uploaded plus all the fan photos that have been uploaded to our page.
  • Welcome to Avila – Here you will find some general information about Avila Beach and more about who we are and our rules for posting on our page.
  • Guides & Website – Here you will find links to all our popular and important pages on our website as well as fun ways to explore all the 200+ pages on our website.
  • Beach Cam – Control the same downtown Avila Beach cam that’s on our website right on facebook.
  • Events Calendar – See the most current popular events from our full Avila Beach events calendar.
  • Interactive Map – View our interactive map of Avila Beach and explore Avila from the sky.
  • Our Feeds – View our live feeds from other social networking sites like Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and our blog.

10. Your Friends – See which of you friends are connected with our page and which ones have checked into Avila Beach.

11. Friends Post – Here you will see a random post from one of your friends that posted about Avila Beach.

12. Fan Posts – There is the full list of postings that fans have made on our page. Make sure to check it out to see lots of great pictures and content.

13. Our Friends – You will see 5 random businesses/organizations that support us and our website. Please note if you click “see all” you will see all the pages we have connected with and some sponsors.

We feel overall these new changes will you stay connected better to us and give us all a place to share our love for Avila Beach. But if you are still feeling a bit overwhelmed, relax and try sending us a message through our page and we would love to help you through it.

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